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Milla Rutland Pink Lady Voiceover

Milla Rutland Pink Lady Voiceover

About Pink Lady VO

Milla Rutland has been acting and dancing since she was a young girl and knew she was born to entertain, so it was no surprise when she packed up and moved to fabulous Las Vegas to pursue her acting and entertainment dreams. This Vegas Vixen found her passion in burlesque, live theater and of course – voice over acting! Milla loves spending time in her home studio where she can be creative all day long. Bringing life to a script is one of her favorite things to do. When she’s not in her booth, she enjoys competing in pinup competitions, visiting Salem, Massachusetts as often as possible, planning for Halloween and spending quality time with her fur babies which include an Akita, 4 cats (yes, of course she has a black cat) and a Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula!


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